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After 17 days, a Long March-2D launch vehicle successfully lifts three satellites into space!

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2020/06/28 21:12

On June 17, 2020, a Long March-2D launch vehicle blasted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center and successfully sent satellites Gaofen 9-03, HEAD-4 and ZDPS-3A into the predetermined orbit.

The Long March-2D launch vehicle used in this mission is a two-stage normal temperature liquid launch vehicle developed under the leadership of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, with a take-off thrust of about 300 tons and a carrying capacity of 1.2 tons corresponding to 700 km sun-synchronous circular orbit. It is capable of launching single satellite and multiple satellites to meet different orbit requirements.

This mission closely followed the launch of the Long March-2 launch vehicle on May 31, and took 13 working days throughout the launch process. The two missions took more than 30 days in total, aiming to deepen the exploration of serial launch process.

To improve the work efficiency and staff utilization efficiency of the launch site for Long March-2D launch vehicle, a process optimization project was carried out for the launch site. By monitoring and analyzing the transport environment, the transport mode of the two-stage servomechanism of the Long March-2D launch vehicle was changed from container transport and site installation to transport with satellite carried, thereby reducing the launch site’s working time by 0.5 days. The test team further integrated repeated test items with high reliability on the basis of maintaining the test coverage and reviewing the launch site processes. For example, the unit tests on the laser strapdown inertial measurement unit and the optical fiber strapdown inertial measurement unit were integrated with the exfoliation function test to reduce the working time of the launch site by three days and the number of staff by five persons.

The payload adapter of the Long March-2D launch vehicle was designed in advance based on a universal design scheme. The mounting interface of the launch vehicle was standardized and modularized to improve the R&D efficiency and meet the requirement of high-density and fast launch.

The launch represented the 48th launch of the Long March-2D launch vehicle, the 116th flight test of the Long March launch vehicle series in charge by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, and the 335th launch of the Long March launch vehicle series.

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