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Product introduction of sheet metal automatic production line

Sheet metal automatic production line is made by Shanghai Xinli Machinery Factory of SAST, that based on the technical basis of the traditional sheet metal industry for more than 40 years and combined with the national manufacturing development planning and sheet metal industry trends. Sheet metal intelligent system of the line sets the raw material storage, cutting, punching, folding, process transportation and finished product storage as a whole, which incorporate advanced intelligent production management concept and modern industrial manufacturing technology, while combines the intelligent manufacturing, lean production management and industrial Internet concept. This system is currently the leading international and is the first domestic sheet metal production line with sheet metal cutting, stamping, bending and raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, which can measure and control the efficiency of each station, to achieve the maximum efficiency and efficiency.

The line can provide customers with a complete set of automatic production lines of sheet metal automated production program, can be used for ordinary steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other civilian industry sheet metal processing, Such as elevators, industry automation, cabinets and other sheet metal products production, can also be used for military special plate processing, such as military equipment, including aircraft, missile, rocket ship automation production of sheet metal parts.