Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology
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Headquartered in Shanghai, P. R. China since 1961, Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST) is a member of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) and comprises 21 affiliated companies.It is one of the largest suppliers of advanced aerospace technology and air defense products in China. SAST has made significant contributions to the aerospace industry of China by taking a key role in the R&D of launch vehicles, satellites, spacecrafts, deep exploration, air defense, etc. SAST is equipped with distinguished technologies in system engineering, space propulsion, guidance navigation & control (GNC), space power-source, structure material, air defense weapons, etc. In addition,the core technologies are merged with civil applications. As a result, spin-off industries are formed in photovoltaic,vehicle lithium batteries, high-end auto parts, natural gas transmission and distribution, mechatronic equipment,composite materials, etc.
SAST has been exploring almost 60 years in the fields of launch vehicles, satellites, multi-range air defense systems, manned spacecrafts, deep space exploration and lunar rovers. The world is changing fast, and SAST is also undergoing a thorough transformation, though still in the early stage, to adapt to the trend of times. With persistent efforts of all the employees, SAST has achieved significant development, and has become one of the most competitive companies in the local and word market. It is capable of providing the one-stop solution from launching to in-orbit service. What remains invariable, however, is the belief in high-quality products and comprehensive solutions for our customers. In the future, SAST will build itself into a world-class integrated aerospace industry group. SAST has the resolution to make significant contribution to science and technology, and create aerospace civilization for human beings.
SAST boasts thousands of talents, including more than 500 Ph.Ds and 4000 masters.
A great number of innovative and pioneering talents have been introduced, and 5 enrolled in the government’s “Thousand Talents Program.”
Among 19700 employees, 9000+ are working on R&D, including 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, more than 100 national experts and 580 senior engineers.
R&D and Technical Personnel