Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology
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The manned Space Program
China’s Manned Space Program consists of 4 great systems: manned spacecraft, cargo spacecraft, space lab, and space station. SAST plays a supportive role in this program in developing several subsystems, such as propelling/resource modules, power, docking mechanism, observation and control, and overall circuits, etc. In addition, it plays the leading role in the R&D of experimental module ‖ in the space station.
As of now, SAST has made a significant contribution to the program. Missions accomplished include the launching of spacecrafts from SZ-1 to SZ-11 and space station TG-2, spacewalk and docking
The Moon Exploration Project
In the second stage of the Moon Exploration Program, SAST is in charge of designing and manufacturing several key subsystems of moon probed CE-3 and CE-4, such as probe power, lunar-rover communication, rover-orbiter communication, displacement and payload platform for lunar surface survey.
In the third stage, SAST assumes the leading role in the R&D of the lunar orbiter CE-5 and CE-6,meanwhile, SAST will be in charge of several subsystems, including earth-moon transportation, docking in the lunar orbit, and automatic sample transmission.